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Before using the music

There is just a few important things to know

Can I really use the music in my video or podcast for free? 

Yep! On your end you just need to:

1. Always give credit (on screen and/or in the description) as follows: 

Music By JMKM

2. Contact if you plan to use the video outside of Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Vimeo or for anything commercial.

3. Maybe buy some music or  follow us on your streaming platform of choice to help keep things going!  Click here for more JMKM music.

4. Support us via Patreon and get EASY access MORE beats

Will I have copyright issues on youtube? 

Nope! You'll be able to use the music with no problems.

Who owns what when we release our content?

We will always own the rights to the music, as it is our property. However, we won't try to claim your video or anything crazy. Again, we just ask you give us credit! 

Can i rap over these beats?

If you are a rapper or artist looking for the place to get my beats, you are 100% in the wrong place ;)

Click HERE to go to our instant download beat store or contact us